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Water Proof Basement

Walls are exposed for service accessibility: Yes
Project site: Existing Building
Total square foot of basement ( length x width ): 600

Project Description

I am looking to get the basement waterproofed there is just a section where that the water is coming in at. you will be waterproofing 43 feet and I want sump pump with crock and waste line ran. looking to have this done ASAP. bid winner can start yesterday. I will put 10% down and balance upon completion. Owner has dumpster on site for trash. This house is empty and wall and floor is open and ready for you to start.


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Project Questions

Service Provider 2109-OH :: Walls are exposed? ? Inside and out side ??? Any trees or shrubbery on the exterior of where it needs to be done ... is this just for labor ... any permits required ????

Customer :: I prefer not to dig up the outside there isn't any shrubs or trees out there. No pulling a permit, and the inside walls exposed outside is foundation dirt haven't landscaped yet

Service Provider 2069-OH :: are you providng panels and concrete piping and sump pump and gravel

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