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Everyone Wins At Service Sold

At Service Sold our mission is to bring property owners the best service value on any home improvement and construction project. With our Selective Bidding System™ format, you are sure to get better and faster results with more efficiency. For FREE, a customer (home owner or property representative) simply places a project online in a minute with their maximum budget available with the key specifications for that project. Soon after, customer rated service providers will place competing bids on the project but the lowest bid does not always win by default; the winner is determined by the customer themselves based on a collection of criteria such as price, terms, qualifications, ratings and much more. We are a community and we value all your feedback. By reviewing and rating our service providers we ensure only the best providers remain available. An Urgent Project is available as well for those emergency repairs that simply can't wait.

For privacy, security and to avoid spam your project is completely CONFIDENTIAL. Customer and Service Provider names are never made public. When an project is awarded, Service Sold then shares contact info with the winning Service Provider and the Customer to coordinate the project.

For our valued service providers, Service Sold provides a great opportunity to work independently and build their own business and reputation with year-round projects. It saves them time and money chasing scattered job leads or having to leave current job sites just to place bids on projects. With our system, they can bid on as many projects as they like from any location 24/7. Also, with the rating and review system we have in place, their quality work will be well known by everyone. It's FREE to join, bid, and post a profile that will showcase your credibility, professionalism, and service quality.

As a thank you from the community they serve, any state registered non-profit will not be charged a service fee at all. We understand that local charities who help so many others also need help themselves sometimes, so we are honored to give back.

Finally, even if you are not working on a project yourself, you can still earn unlimited income by referring others who are looking for great service value to Service Sold. Our referral program offers a 50% split of our service fee. So even if you are a service customer, service provider, or a referral agent looking to make income - everyone wins at Service Sold. With Service Sold you will get the maximum service value available anywhere. From brand new construction all the way to demolition with nearly 40 service categories, in over 80 languages, in all property types which includes residential, commercial, and industrial - we have you covered.

Project Example

  1. A customer posts a project with a maximum budget of $2,000.
  2. Service providers bid on the project. As the bids come in, the project's lowest bid reaches $800.
  3. Because of our selection format, the customer actually chooses a service provider based on their personal preference at $1,000.

In this example with a $1,000 winning bid, the listing customer will send Service Sold 8% or $80 and pay the remaining 92% or $920 to the service provider upon job completion. ($80 + $920 = $1,000). The winning project price is the TOTAL you pay even including the state sales tax where applicable. Permits not included.

Service Sold does not charge additional fees, all fees are within the winning project price.

Winning Project Price Service Sold Fee
$50,000+ ( Jumbo Jobs™ ) 5% of winning price
$250 - $49,999 8% of winning price
$249 and under $20.00 USD
Charity No Fee

Exclusive benefits you get only at Service Sold compared to the Manual Method

  • Reduced Cost: Significantly reduces the cost of the services (up to 60% or more off retail prices in 60 seconds). Bidding is free at Service Sold so the service providers have no overhead costs to pass on to you and with our Selective Bidding System™ they will compete against each other for pricing - not directly against you.
  • Reduced Time: In just a minute you can fill out our easy step-by-step project listing. Then review multiple Service Providers on your project in less time than it takes to make arrangements just to show your project to a single Service Provider.
  • Increased Quality: Increased quality from the service providers who know their job performance will be evaluated then published in their provider profile for everyone to review every time they bid on future jobs. With this global exposure you are assured of getting the very best possible effort and quality they can provide because they are really performing in front of the whole world - not just you.
  • Increased Selection: With our unique Selective Bidding System™ format you can choose among the best value service providers from up to 200 miles or more to find the one that best fits your needs. Choosing the correct service provider is very important for any project. With our large coverage area, you can choose up to 5X the service providers than before which significantly increases your chances of success.
  • Increased Privacy: You and your property address always remain completely anonymous. You will no longer have to hide your valuables during an on-site estimate or open up your private property to complete strangers. Only after your approval and selection will your service provider be able to contact you. Remaining anonymous increases your security and gives you peace of mind as well.

Learn much more about How It Works with our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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