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Easy to Use

Easy to Use

It's fast, easy, safe, and always free to sign in and post a project for any needed service that your project requires. To maximize your savings, just log in, fill out our easy step-by-step project form and we do all the rest.


Fun and exciting

Competition is always exciting, especially when others are competing to make you happy. Top Service Providers in your area will compete to win the rights to service your project. You will have fun watching the live bidding knowing that you ultimately decide the winner. So, post your project, watch the action and have a lot of fun making your selection.

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Save money

Significantly reduce the cost of services (up to 60% or more off retail prices in 60 seconds). Bidding is free at Service Sold so the service providers have no overhead costs to pass on to you and with our Selective Bidding System™ they will compete against each other for pricing - not directly against you.



Everyone wins at Service Sold: customers, service providers, charities, and most of all the community as a whole. Increased property value from home improvements and more jobs to stimulate the economy makes our world better.

Benefits to Customers:

  • Save up to 60% or more off retail costs and up to 90% of the project coordination time involved.
  • No more awkward negotiations because your max price and their business terms are already listed.
  • No time wasted repeatedly calling, explaining, or showing numerous Service Providers your project.
  • Eliminate the "upselling" of any unnecessary additional services.
  • Never pay for a job estimate ever again.
  • Get real time market value or the best possible value at that time in your area.
  • Brings out the best in performance from service providers who care about internet reviews.
  • Choose from the best service providers from up to 200 miles away or more to ensure proper selection.
  • Freedom to choose any service provider 24/7 with their very best offer ( Selective Bidding System™ ).
  • Our mobile version allows you to start and control your project listing from anywhere.
  • Only pay a deposit if a service provider of your price and quality is approved and selected by you.
  • No cost or risk to you and your privacy is always protected.

How To Get Great Results

Benefits to Service Providers:

  • Never pay for a job lead ever again.
  • Receive adjustable radius email alerts so now all the jobs come to you! (instead of you chasing all the jobs).
  • Fair and open bidding on all service jobs from up to 200 miles away.
  • Our customers pay money just to meet you! (No time wasters here).
  • Be your own boss and come and go as you please.
  • All competitors' bids and profiles are visible to you (no sealed or hidden bids) so you can adjust your bid.
  • No cost advertising expense needed because when you do a great service job here, everyone will know.
  • You can now multitask and get more done every day and make more money in less time.
  • Great for business growth (larger jobs) or just open schedule fill-ins (smaller jobs).
  • Our mobile version lets you ask questions, bid, and win while at work, play, or on the go!
  • No fees for membership or job bidding, and no out-of-pocket costs for winning projects.
  • No risk to you and your privacy is always protected.

How To Win a Project


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