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Time Remaining


Grounds need to be leveled and seeded: No
Asbestos present at location: No
Building debris expected: Concrete
Building to be demolished: Other structure
Approximate square foot of building: 0

Project Description

The website does not have a proper category for this project type. The demolition tab was used because it is similar work and uses similar equipment to do this job. This is a land site project which requires a very large bulldozer 30-40,000 pound machine or large trackhoe (same weight) to either push large broken cement broken blocks by a series of tandem and tri-axle dump trucks coming in every 30 to 40 minutes. The bulldozer or large trackhoe operator has to push over the hill large broken cement and level to the best of their ability behind the home. This job requires a machine having a minimum of 30,000 pounds to push these large cement blocks and be able to keep up with the trucks coming in. I prefer 40,000 pound dozer a Cat dc7 or dc8 rated dozer would probably be best for the job given the amount of work and time of trucks rolling in. The time allocated for this project is maximum of two - eight hour days of operator running large dozer or Trackhoe.


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