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Project site: Existing Building
Nature of project: Remodel existing area
Service needed: Design and build it
What rooms are involved: Kitchen,Bath,Bedrooms,Living / Family Room,Porch / Deck
Total square foot of work area ( length x width ): 263

Project Description

this is a mobile home. it smells very bad,so i need the flooring replaced.there are weak spots all throughout also.i would like a walk-in shower but am unsure about how much it could run.simply put,there is a lot of work to be done and i need part of it done ASAP so i can move in.i am on a tight budget so i can only get a few things done at once.i just need a lot of help and all the advice i can get.i prefer mondays and tuesdays but will talk and figure out a plan.i can pay by VENMO cash app.half up front and the rest at the end.the cash and deadline are not set in stone,but ASAP would be great. Jay,please contact me about the ad.


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