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Brick / Stone / Masonry ( Brick / Stone Siding )

Desired finish: Brick veneer
Project material: Sandstone
Project site: New Construction
Current siding: Stone
Total square foot of work area ( length x width ): 35

Project Description

Prep and install brick veneer on above grade foundation on front porch, and small areas around garage door. Build front step with cmu block, install brick veneer, and cap with sandstone slab. All rough materials, brick veneer and sandstone will be provided.

How It Looks Now

Present condition of project area:


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Project Questions

Service Provider 2261-OH :: Hi...I have tons of stonework pics I've done need wire mesh & prep work to do it right...can send lotsa stone pics' Thx, Bill Bills Brick Stone & Masonry 216-408-2946

Service Provider 2261-OH :: Hi... Have plenty of stonework pics too! Just ask... Thx...

Service Provider 2261-OH :: Hi, Was just wondering why brick veneer? Most folks nowadays go for the cultured stone look...cost about the same too! Just asking...I've done 3 houses with brick veneer over mesh, but the foundations were really messed up! So it was done to do a simple facade...Yours looks like stone would look really sharp! A nice stacked stone look would really make the entry beautiful.... But I can do whatever you want...have plenty of job pics...they only let you post a few here... Thx, & hope to work with you! Bill

Service Provider 2395-OH :: What’s the depth on the porch overhang? Also, what are the measurements of the veneer?

Service Provider 2395-OH :: What’s the measurement of the porch overhang? Can you provide the veneer specs/measurements? Also, will the footer need to be dug out for the steps?

Customer :: We can measure the overhang and brick veneer thickness. The footer for the step will already be installed and ready to build on.

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