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The surface area is all prepared for pouring concrete: No
Old surface area material must be removed prior to concrete: No
Desired finished appearance: Brushed texture (non-slip)
Nature of concrete work: Brand new concrete on bare dirt
Concrete areas to be installed: Walks / Steps / Patio
Total square foot of work area ( length x width ): 72

Project Description

Remove existing pad which has sunk. Install new pad with a 6" step where the new pad meets the existing walk. Remainder of the pad can be and should be 4". There will be a couple tons of gravel needed to achieve desired height. Step from existing walk up 6" to new pad then step up from new pad up 6" into the house. Not worried about damage to shrubs between walk and new slab. Ready to hire immediately.

How It Looks Now

Present condition of project area:


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