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Brick / Stone / Masonry ( Brick / Stone Wall )

Project site: Existing Building
Wall height in feet: 7.5
Linear length in feet: 10
Material desired: Other
Wall use: Decorative

Project Description

I am looking for somebody to build a fireplace for me. Currently the fireplace is covered in Backer Board and I have purchase 80 Sq ft of LEDGER PANEL STRADA MIST HONED CUBIC WALL PANELS 6X24 There are a few Slate tiles for the flat part of the hearth I also have purchased an electric fireplace and have a new dedicated electrical circuit put in for it. I am looking for someone who is experienced in putting together such a fireplace from the stonework to mounting the electric fireplace itself.

I Want It To Look Like This

This is what the customer is envisioning:


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Project Questions

Service Provider 2027-OH :: Is the electrical supply line already installed for the fireplace unit, or willI I need to do it also? Ohh, And is it vented already or does it need done yet? Plus I would like to have a copy of the manufacturer's recommendations for installation and clearance per codes for your area? Do you have a way to send copies to me?

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