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Flooring ( Linoleum & Vinyl Floor )

Which rooms need flooring: Kitchen,Living or dining room,Bathroom,Bedroom(s)
Type of vinyl flooring to be installed: Vinyl tiles
Project site: Existing Building
Occupation status: Vacant
Flooring pickup from store needed: No
Total square foot of area for flooring ( length x width ): 550

Project Description

I want to refloor the entire house, which is only 550 sq ft with LVP which I have already bought and placed in the house. The house is a lightly furnished Airbnb. I have the flooring already in the house. I do not have any of the transitions or trim. I am open to a full tear out of the current laminate and tile or overlay. You can work with the furniture in or move it onto the garage .... table, couch bed and desk (And a couple of small end tables) Will need to coordinate your schedule with Airbnb schedule but we can block out days Sunday afternoon to Friday night

How It Looks Now

Present condition of project area:

I Want It To Look Like This

This is what the customer is envisioning:


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