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1. Remove 3-4 small trees near foundation in rear of the house. 2. Fix front porch dry rot and lifted planks. 3. Repair any gutters along the house that are falling or broken and clean out debris. 4. Repair damaged exterior trim on the right rear of house. 5. Repair/replace fascia coverings and soffits where rotted. 6. Repair holes in siding around the house by inserting foam. 7. DEMOLITION the Garage and cart away all debris and contents. 8. Repair lose/missing shingles on the house. If interested I have an inspection report that shows details of all items to be repaired. I do not have single pictures to upload.


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Project Questions

Service Provider 2027-OH :: Can you upload the list without showing any personal information? Or can you post some pictures for me

Customer :: The website does not have the ability to upload a pdf of the inspection report.

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