Referral Agreement

Referrals shall be paid monthly (within the first 10 business days of each month) barring uncontrollable delays and will be sent to your required PayPal account on any and all paid out projects that contains your exclusive referral code.

There is no limit to how many members your group may contain or how much money you can make each month with our referral program.

All referrals are based on a 50% split (see chart) from our fee and are considered gross after which handling fees (such as PayPal) will be subtracted. Your total handling fees are subject to current PayPal rates.

With our referral program you will be acting as an independent contractor only (not as an employee) therefore you may start or stop at any time that you want to make money.

You can always monitor the current status of all your referrals and compare your monthly performance levels by logging into your referral administration account at Daily status updates are provided in realtime and monthly payouts are summarized and visualized with our 3D color charts.


Participants in the program will receive an exclusive numeric referral code ( i.e. 1234 ) - the code must be inserted into the referral code box that appears in each project listing prior to project start. Failure to do so for any reason will forfeit any referral fee you were attempting to receive.

No referral will be paid on previously listed projects that were simply renewed but did not have a referral code originally. You must be the exclusive origination of any project (not as a re-listing) to be paid for a referral. reserves the right to verify any and all referrals at any time. An unverified referral will not be paid and could result in the termination of your referral agency.

All referrals must be submitted PRIOR to project start. Sorry, NO exceptions ever.

Only with projects that Service Sold actually receives a service fee, will any commission be paid out.

Your referral number may be reassigned if there is no activity for 1 year or more.

Referral Signup

Referral Account Type:

I do understand and agree with the following compensation schedule:

Winning Project Price 50% Split Referral Commission
$50,000+ ( Jumbo Jobs™ ) 2.5%
$250 - $49,999 4%
$249 and under $10
Charity 0%